Off to New York

The time has come to fly over to New York for an 8 day trip with Alicia. After a summer of intense and hard work it is now time to raise the pulse even more and ingest this hectic city. No slacking in Central park!

Last time I was there it was the year 2000 with my parents. An unforgettable trip. A long time has passed and it will probably be a different city to visit this time…

Looking forward to see the Red Socks vs New York Yankees on the 3rd of September, eat some over-sugared American pancakes for breakfast and enjoy the rail road walk of Manhattan.


Oh almost forgot to mention, me and the boys also booked another Japan ski trip. 5.5 weeks of powder this upcoming season! Sayonara!

I'm fine. Well, I'm not fine – I'm in Gudauri, Georgia

Ok, so we went back to Sweden for 18 hours and then hijacked the next plane to Georgia (Never fly Turkish airlines… Bad, bad and bad!)

We arrived in Tbilisi 4 in the morning and then took a transfer to Gudauri which took around 2 hours. Tired! We crashed at the hotel and got 2 hours of sleep.

When the sun came up and reviled the slopes for us, we kind of cried. No snow at all. The week was horrible to be honest and I also caught a cold. Not the best way to end a 5,5 week long vacation on but we met some new good friends, thank you John, Stina and Andrea for making the stay in Georgia bearable!

You gotta do, what you gotta do:

Oh, and it is cheap there… And they serve horrible White Russians, unless you prefer Vodka over Kahlua… And you are lucky if you survive the traffic… And they have kick ass karaoke in Tbilisi… And you can ski without clothes… And they scream at you when entering traditional baths… And they use abrasive belt grinders to sharpen their skiis… And… And… And I am glad it is over…! :-]


Ok, so now we have had our last skiing day in Japan! Me and Daniel climbed the little peak again and got a really nice powderish run down on an untouched ridge. When heading back to the lift system we found some sweet pillows and skied them for a while. Up down, up down , up do…

Magnus stayed home and played Dota 2, he is hooked ;-]! (After boot packing in deep snow yesterday and looking red like a crab fish in the face, I totally understand that a day off was necessary!)

Myoko may not have delivered waist deep powder but she gave us many good memories. Goodbye queen Myoko, goodbye!

Last climb, bye bye!

Tomorrow we leave for Tokyo, then we fly back to Sweden. On Saturday we head for our next stop, Georgia!

Kings of Myoko

Today we acceded Mount Myoko which is the tallest mountain around here. In total we climbed over 1100 vertical meters. Pretty exhausting, especially since we had a hard workout yesterday.

It was a bit sketchy to get to the actual top of the mountain. We left our ski’s 200 meters below the top and climbed the last bit. We had sun without wind all day long. The snow condition was pretty poor though but an adventure worth to remember.

First top:


Reached the top!

The kings of Myoko:

If there is a way up, there is a way down:

Our hike took all day long and we kinda arrived at the hotel at the last minute. Black out! Luckily we had memorized the slope system. ;-]

Night riders:

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet

After waiting, waiting and waiting the conditions finally changed to our favor! We have now had two really good days and been hiking like crazy. It is not as powderish here compared to Hakkoda, but the runs we have had was awesome. We worked for it though, especially Magnus since he did not bring his snow shoes today ;-].

Cloudy yesterday but today we got clear blue skies with untouched ski runs – Bitter sweet!

The last run from yesterday we ended up in a gully, pretty tough to get out… No energy and very, very steep. The Onsen felt pretty nice after 1,5 hour boot packing in waist deep snow. :-]

Russian roulette in Myoko!

Ok, so I have not been blogging for a couple of days. The reason for that is —> BAD WEATHER! When we arrived in Myoko it started to rain and the next day it was very cold so everything froze to ice. Guess choosing a more southern ski resorts in Japan is like playing Russian roulette, either you win or loose! We lost a lot of skiing days, even a half meter snow dump did not help. Rock hard slopes!

Sooooooo, we took a couple off in order for the conditions to get better. We went down to Nagano to see monkeys (Macacue), it was a bit of a tourist trap but still fun to have seen them. Then we headed down to Tokyo again for more shopping and nice food.

I can really reecommend Lashowhan (辣椒漢). Best Ramen place in Tokyo!!

The bump and jump crew – Hakkoda day 10 and 11

The ropeway has been closed for two days now, wich means that we cannot take us to the top. It has been very windy, over 25 m/s. Only the little chairlift has been open. Today it was really crap, heavy wind even down at the bottom and with the wind hitting us right in the face when skiing down = Brainfreeze!!

Yesterday was better though. A little bit to warm but we made the best of it. With the sun shining at us we grabbed our skins and hiked up and made a jump between some trees. Great fun, unfortunately it started to rain when we came back home.

A lot of powder has fallen this evening, hoping for a great day tomorrow!

Our mascot:

Skiing the clouds – Hakkoda day 8 and 9

Yesterday the rope way was closed again because of heavy winds. Overall the conditions was kinda bad with high temperatures so I stayed at the hotel but Daniel and Magnus walked up the mountain (To tell from Magnus expression, I made the right choice ;-]).

This morning the gondola was closed aswell but they opened it after lunch. We were the first ones up and when we skied down in the untouched powder slope. It felt like skiing on clouds, amazing!

Unfortunately, being the first ones down means that you have to track. It has been snowing 50 cm since yesterday so we had to work hard in order to get back to the ski system. Worth every sweat and tear though!!

This place keeps on delivering awesome days, Hakkoda Matata!

Filming the guys, getting a powder shower in return:

Not a day without a wipeout:


Hakkoda – Wind, Sun and Snow

We have had one bad day and some really nice ones since the last update. During the bad day it was a Sunday and the temperature was above 0. When it is weekend here in Hakkoda it means that there are a lot more people in the slopes then on a regularly week day. So with high temperatures and a lot of people we decided to take one day off. We went to a traditional Onsen located half an hour from where we stay. It was better then the one at our hotel but a lot more freaky… Japan… :-]

Anyway, with more energy then ever before we went out in the slopes the next day and it had been dumping snow! Great conditions, AGAIN!

Mixxed weather, sun, snow, sun, 25 m/s winds (They shut down the rope-way). The landscape is really mystical here when the sun pops out so you can see more then 1 meter ahead. Great days, great days!

Meeting new friends from all over the world. Thanks for riding with us! Stay safe – Mukai, Mark, Oliver, Luke, and Chad.

Oh, and ofcourse I have been scoring more Tree-wells. Still in the lead:

Daniel: 2

Magnus: 2

RIK: 10

This is what a Tree well can look like from the inside: